Sheriff Mendrick Is Helping Make DuPage a Recovery Friendly County

I had the pleasure of meeting with Sheriff Mendrick of DuPage County today. He is a shining light of hope in our nation’s fight against Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and the need to make organizations, institutions, and communities recovery friendly. Reducing Deaths Post-Incarceration "80% of inmates have addiction," he states. Recognizing that, one of the […]

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Is Your EAP Equipped to Handle SUD?

Traditionally, EAPs or Employee Assistance Programs served to help employees navigate a broad range of health and life topics, from medical bills to retirement planning. In the face of the Opioid Epidemic, EAPs and medical plans have adapted to provide specialized support to employees with addiction. Some offer short-term counseling while others offer treatment referrals. […]

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Being Recovery Friendly Helps Workplaces Be Drug-Free

Most employers have a drug free workplace policy in place. Some employers are also working to become recovery friendly. These two initiatives are aligned. Being a recovery friendly workplace means supporting recovery, which supports being a drug free workplace. When you, as an employer, become a recovery friendly workplace, you are opening the door to […]

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